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Huawei FusionSolar LUNA2000-5-10-15 S0 PV Battery

Huawei Luna Smart PV Battery offers modular solutions exactly for your needs.

Huawei FusionSolar PV Solutions at a Glance

Huawei FusionSolar Solutions
for Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale.

Find the complete range of Huawei fusion solar PV solutions on the website of SKE Engineering GmbH, the Huawei Value Added Partner for Central and Eastern Europe. Easy to filter and always up to date. Narrow down your search by using and combining one or more filters so that the results match your search exactly.


Huawei Luna Smart String Battery

Modular solutions exactly
for your needs.

The Huawei Luna Smart String Battery offers a modular solution tailored to your needs. With 5 kWh, 10 kWh or 15 kWh and the possibility for subsequent expansion, the Luna battery is ideal for responding to changing needs. In combination with the matching PV Optimizer, you get a powerful system with high efficiency.

Huawei LUNA2000-5-10-15 S0 PV Battery
Top Videos Product introduction and installation.

Why the new PV battery from Huawei FusionSolar?

In this webinar, we will introduce the new PV battery from Huawei. Huawei has been the undisputed world leader in inverters for the past 5 years, so it was a logical step to think about a storage solution. Here with pride the result.

Huawei LUNA2000 PV Battery – Installation and Commissioning

In this video we show you how to properly install and commission the new Huawei Luna battery. Step by step, we explain everything that needs to be considered from unpacking and installation to commissioning and configuration with the FusionSolar App 7.0.